M/V VADI calls Conakry port with 9900 MT steel bars.

Under Afrimarine ship agency, despite heavy congestion at roads,

MV VADI berthed on-arrival and remained alongside without any shifting to anchorage, during her entire discharge operation.

This despite difficulties encountered with cargo handling/stevedoring (equipment, trucks and attendance).

Worth noting that Afrimarine was not the performing liner agent on this call.


Afrimarine (SL) offers m/v MIRAMAR a full set of husbandry services

Involved with m/v Miramar in Freetown since 2013,

Afrimarine has provided a full set of husbandry services to the subject vesel, ranging from certificate updates, crew changes, meet & greet, bunkering, West African cross-border lube oil supply, crewing and security services (rotation of armed guards while vessel anchored at at inner anchorage, and while at roads for extended periods of time).


After entering a bankruptcy procedure late 2014, its flagship asset was sold for $20M to Timis Mining.

london mining logo - closed

The company's second asset was a large iron ore project in Greenland,

where London Mining expected to produce a high-purity end-product with an iron content of approximately 70% Fe.

The project was taken over by General Nice, a Chinese conglomerate which is one of the largest Chinese importers of coking coal.


A significant drop in Iron Ore prices, along with the appearance of the Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone,

has forced the mining giant to stop all production and export operations until further notice.

According to a notice issued by African Minerals Limited on its company website (www.african-minerals.com/media/press-releases/financing-and-operations-update), the project has been placed in Care and Maintenance until further notice.


Turkish Airlines is expected to start its air-cargo service in Conakry, Guinea, in coming months.

Turkish airlines cargo flight in Conakry International airport (GUCI)

Afrimarine has been appointed as Turkish Airlines ACS in Guinea, Conakry airport,

with operations initially scheduled to start in Q4 2014.

Turkish airlines operations in Conakry have been delayed until fruther notice due to the prevailing sanitary situation in Guinea.


Ebola relief assistance with WFP in Sierra Leone

m/v Falkenberg crew and afrimarine ship agent onboard in Freetown

In October 2014, Afrimarine was appointed by WFP to assist with the agency of a bulk ship vessel, set to call

in rotation, Dakar, Conakry, Freetown and Monrovia.

M/V Falkenberg was chartered by WFP to bring food-aid and assistance to all three countries (Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia) heavily affected by the Ebola virus in West Africa.


M/V Maersk Wave loading heavy construction equipment

RoRo M/V Maersk Wave discharge/load heavy construction equipment in Freetown, Sierra Leone, under Afrimarine (SL) agency

After three (3) unsuccessful tries by other agencies, Afrimarine is called to supervise and load a large shipment of heavy construction equipment

September 2013, customer WBHO finally breathes in sign of releif.

Indeed, the fourth try was the right one! Afrimarine was appointed to supervise the call of M/V Maersk Wave in Freetown, where WBHO Construction were exporting/relocating a complex shipment of heavy duty construction equipment to another project site in Africa.


Afrimarine fully overhauls its security

Inter-Con Security logo

Afrimarine teams-up with IC Inter-Con Security.

In its continued efforts to eliminate theft and secure its operations and vehicle parks,

Afrimarine has completely overhauled its security apparatus and braught-in IC Inter-Con Security, premier U.S. security company, providing a full range of physical security services to Government, commercial, and Fortune 100 customers on four continents.


Official visit from the Spanish Navy to Guinea in July 2013.

ESPS RAYO - official reception in Conakry port

Afrimarine, as agent, provides full ship services in Conakry port, and manages crew's movements between official visits.

From ship services to bus shuttling to/from government and diplomatic agencies,

Afrimarine offered a full package ranging from fencing and securing a buffer zone around the ship's berth, having permanetnly stationed cranes, gangway, air-conditionned mini-buses, internet connectivity, fresh water supply, provisions, local phone lines, etc.

Transhipment of Security Personnel

Afrimarine transferred a team of security guards onboard a tanker vessel at anchorage - fighting piracy in West Africa.

Transshhipment of armed guards in Conakry

Afrimarine is pioneering transhipment of armed guards onboard vessels calling West African ports.

With piracy slowing in the East, due to a strong response from security service companies,

growing attacks in West Africa have sparked an increase in the demand for security forces with armed guards onboard ships along the Gulf of Guinea.

RoRo News

NMT Shipping and Abou Merhi Lines join forces in West Africa

NMT Lines and Abou Merhi Lines

Afrimarine : agent for NMT Lines and Abou Merhi Lines in Guinea, Conakry

A strategic alliance to enhance service.

In early 2013, NMT Lines, a major international shipping company ex Belgium, and Abou Merhi Lines, a first class shipping company providing vehicle and rolling cargo transportation, agreed to jointly service several West African ports, notably Conakry in Guinea.

Project cargo handling

Agency - Stevedoring - Forwarding - Logistics/Transport

MV Alderney - Project cargo

Brazil and Haiti project shipment for road building in Conakry.

From reception to delivery on the job site.

Afrimarine was called upon to fully handle this South - South project cargo of heavy duty road building equipment, at the destination port, Conakry. The task consisted in, receptionning and delivering the urgently awaited equipments to the receiver, within a tiny window of opportunity, where the said equipment...

Kagbelen dry port

Extending our service, building a logistics base and 2 industrial units.

Kagbelen is rapidly growing as the major dry port and industrial zone in Guinea.

A necessary expansion.

The grueling space limitations of Conakry port (Port Autonome de Conakry - PAC), has over the years, caused enormous inconveniences, both in terms of port congestion within the port boundary, as well as at anchorage, with general cargo vessels staying up to 15-20 days at anchorage, and even priority vessels sometimes forced to stay up to five+ days outside.

Iron ore transhipment in Sierra Leone, Pepel

A complex logistics and transhipment operation.

Transhipment operation in Pepel, transloader discharging cargo in ocean going vessel.

Afrimarine involved since day one with its team of experts and Master Mariners.

After 30 years of stoppage due to a long civil war, Mining giant, African Minerals ltd., has repositioned.

Sierra Leone as one of the major exporters of minerals in Africa. Notably, exporter of iron ore and derivatives, with a projected 35 million metric tons export target by end of 2013.

Afrimarine: over 40 years in shipping

Professional, Reliable and Superior Shipping Services

Welcome to afrimarine's redesigned, updated and upgraded 2010 website!

Founded in 2005 by Mamadou T. Sow, Afrimarine is engaged in several segments of maritime activities.

Mamadou T. Sow was intimately involved in the formation and running of Guinean State-Owned firms such as the “ Entreprise Nationale de Transport Routier, d'Acconage et de Transit ” (ENTRAT), Société Navale Guinéene (SNG), Office Guinéen pour le Transport Maritime (OGTM).

Posted in 2009ROROs in Conakry with Afritrans (Guinée)

Afritrans (Guinée) handles fast growing RORO operation

Since 2009, Afrimarine and Partners have enhanced their capacity, infrastructure and manpower to handle several ROROs and project cargo ships calling Conakry.

From small vehicules (new and used), vans, trucks, heavy machinery, to crates of spare sparts, Afrimarine's RORO operations division known as Afritrans (Guinée).


Our transhipment offer

Afrimarine (SL) during onboard OGV during transhipment at anchorage of iron ore in Pepel, Sierra Leone

Afrimarine has harnessed experience from 2 transhipment operations in Sierra Leone (Chebro River and Pepel), during a combined period of 4 years; de facto making us the most experienced regional firm in this segment of the mining export operations cycle.

Afrimarine offers a complete transhipment operations management package, including all aspects below:


Download here our detailed offer in PDF format.

We apreciate your continued support!