Harcourt old port, Nigeria

Afrimarine is present in Nigeria

1Harcourt old

Harcourt old port

Port Harcourt old port Information

Access Sea channel
Draft restriction 13.5 m
Width 500 m
Max Vessel Length 192 m
Pilot Compulsory
Tow Compulsory
  1. 0.95 m max
  2. 0.90 m min
Berthing facilities 8 berths ranging from 64 m to 192 m
vessel length. Depth 7.92 m
Loading & discharging vessel's gear
Normal working hours Monday to Friday 0730 to 1530
1530 to 2230
Overtime All other hours at various overtime rates
Rainy season April to November
Notice of readiness to be tendered upon arrival  

Ports Summary

Conakry handles containers, ACG alumina, cement/clinker, general cargo, roros, SBK bauxite and tankers.
Kamsar handles CBG bauxite, general cargo and small tankers.

Operating 24/7.

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